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There are many old communication applications that require a direct modem connection
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6 February 2013

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This software acts as a virtual modem to all applications that need a modem and a physical line to work. This software actually distributes the data through the TCP/IP network.

Many old data-centric applications use direct modem connections to exchange data between Client and Server. Through the Internet, data could be easily sent and no dedicated connections are necessary. This software is a tool that will send out data through the TCP/IP network (private or the public Internet) and present an interface to these legacy applications simulating physical modems. The interface of this virtual modem even works with AT modem control commands or follows the TAPI standard. With the TCP/IP networks being everywhere, there is no need for dedicated physical lines or a corresponding modem. Communicating through the phone lines will prove to be costly as there may be long distance charges applicable, depending on which server you are connecting to.

The TCP/IP can provide added security too. While phone lines could be easily tapped, you could use a VPN, SSL and other secure tunneling in the TCP/IP setup to cloak your communication well. These virtual modems are an inexpensive solution to the problem. One very useful feature is an address book. It transparently translates phone numbers into IP addresses. Anywhere you have legacy applications that are useful even now; this solution could be used with this solution. This is a good product. It has many useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this is one you could try out.

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There are many old data-centric applications that, for historical reasons, use direct modem connections to exchange data between Client and Server. Nowadays, local and global TCP/IP networks have made the direct modem connection obsolete.
Here's why: When you use a direct modem connection, you need to have a physical modem installed on each PC that needs to exchange data. You also must use a physical phone line. This makes the line busy and may even be costly, if long distance calls are required. Modem transfers are also not secure. A hacker doesn't even need to have an access to your phone line. Your data can be easily intercepted with a remote phone line scanner. In a TCP/IP network, on the contrary, you can use the power of a VPN (Virtual Private Networking), SSH or any other secure tunnel to ensure privacy and security.
There are a lot of reasons to move from a direct modem connection to TCP/IP networking. But, how can you do this without investing thousands into new software? Virtual Modem from FabulaTech provides a cheap and effective solution. This program creates virtual modems that use your local network or the Internet instead of a physical phone line.
How does it work? The virtual modems are accessible to all the applications that work through a direct modem connection. Setup is no different from setting up a physical modem. You simply select a virtual COM port in your communication application settings. The application can control the virtual modem directly by sending AT commands or with TAPI (MS Windows Telephony API). Thus, Virtual Modem should work out-of-the-box for all your communication programs.
One of the very useful Virtual Modem features is its "Address Book". The Address Book allows you to transparently translate phone numbers into IP addresses. You don't even have to change the phone numbers in your communication programs. Just put them into your Address Book.
Virtual Modem
Virtual Modem
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